Its previous tenant was exiled during the first Thalmor

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canada goose black friday sale I took it further, made it into a lovely player home and dedicated temple to Mortalkind, with nods to canada goose outlet online uk the Mythic Dawn, and added a whole new external area. Not a lot is crazy functional, a lot being purely aesthetic, but I like it that way, and I hope you do too.Morihaus Chapel A worn down and unused Chapel of Talos sits on the riverbank next to the Morthal town bridge, partially redecorated to serve as a home. Its previous tenant was exiled during the first Thalmor inquisitions, and left abandoned in Morthal for fear of Aldmeri retributionPriory Of The Cape On the coastal base of Solitude arch overlooking the Sea of Ghosts, with a fine line of sight to Nightcaller Temple and the canada goose outlet this page Canada Goose Outlet sale College of Winterhold, the Priory of the Cape is a player home comparable in size to other Vanilla homes, and should feel fairly lore friendly, even if set up with a few canada goose factory outlet neat trinkets in the style of a wealthy adventurer.Whiteriver Chapel It a chapel that had been converted into a traveler home, all ready for the Dragonborn to move into. canada goose black friday sale

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